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Business Communication Etiquette 101

It is a well-known fact, fully supported by the most successful and experienced businessmen around the world, that home business and network marketing are the gamma business communications models of the 21st century.

Why are we so afraid of accounts receivable? It is like the taboo of business radio licence! Be upfront with your payment policies from the very beginning. Train your customers to pay you on-time every time. It is quite acceptable to ask for half to full payment upfront for new customers. If you don't receive timely customer payments, not only are you not getting paid your profit on the job, but you will have to take money out of YOUR pocket to pay the vendor. Because, of course, you don't want to be a late payer to create problems with your credit with your vendors. Be very careful with extending credit. Offer a discount for timely payment if needed. Stay on top of your accounts receivable at any cost!

Groups are potential marketplaces to expand your horizons. Active participation would further open the way to motorola 2 way radios 35 mile. You can start a discussion on the latest product or business controversy to stir up reactions and get them into the discussion. You can also give out advice to your group mates. Without participation, joining a group would be pointless. What you are saying whenever you start a group discussion or engage in one or contribute to your groups is that you are open to communication and able to help out with their needs.

We meet people constantly, not just at formal networking events. We connect online through social media and have our local chambers of commerce that support businesses. There are also groups specifically for networking such as BNI (business network International) plus other smaller community networking groups. Spend a little time finding the ones you like the most and make a commitment to attend or participate on a regular basis.

The members simply buy the things they normally buy and there are no disruptions or other changes. Simply submit your receipts and Savings Highway will give you a Visa Gift Card. I can't quite believe it but you get paid to save! There is no catch, you can build your business network magazine as a member as quickly or slowly as you wish and be well on your way to financial freedom.

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